Visiting Tips

Top Monuments

Museums are free on Sundays until 14h.

  • • Torre de Belém - Lisboa
  • • Castelo de São Jorge - Lisboa
  • • Sé de Lisboa - Lisboa
  • • Convento do Carmo - Lisboa
  • • Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora - Lisboa
  • • Padrão dos Descobrimentos - Lisboa
  • • Palácio Nacional da Ajuda - Lisboa
  • • Panteão Nacional - Lisboa
  • • Palácio Nacional de Queluz - Queluz
  • • Palácio Nacional da Pena - Sintra
  • • Convento e Basílica de Mafra - Mafra

Public Transports

The best way to moove arround Lisboa is to use the punblic transports, either trams, bus or subway. Where are some of the most important:


  • • 28E (Graça - Castelo- Alfama - Chiado - São Bento - Estrela)
  • • 12E (Praça da Figueira - Alfama - Castelo - Praça da Figueira)
  • • 15E (Praça da Figueira - Cais do Sodré - Belém)


  • • Bica (Largo Calhariz - Rua de São Paulo)
  • • Glória (Praça dos Restauradores - São Pedro de Alcântara)
  • • Lavra (Largo da Anunciada - Rua Câmara Pestana)


  • • 709 (Baixa - Av. da Liberdade - Estrela)
  • • 727 (Belém - Lapa - Marquês de Pombal - Saldanha - Av. de Roma)
  • • 44 (Baixa - Marquês de Pombal - Parque das Nações)

Travel tips

  • • In Lisboa, use public transport as it is extremely difficult to park your car in the old neighborhoods;
  • • Lisboa isn't a dangerous city but take care with your wallets and cameras. Don't show them too much;
  • • Bring a pen and paper, for notes or exchanging e-mail adresses;
  • • Use confortable shoes;
  • • Check out a basic dictionary and practise your Portuguese;
  • • Any doubts? Ask anyone, the Portuguese like to help;
  • • Smile a lot, it doesn't cost a thing!


Lisboa is an all night long party in many areas all around de city center. The most important are:

  • • Bairro Alto: Right in the center of Lisboa you will find youngsters favorite stop to begin the night at. It's an old area packed with small bars close to each other. The spirit of the city becomes mixed with the spirit of the night.
  • • Docas (the docks): The docks are close by to 25 de Abril bridge, in Alcântara. It's a seaport with bars, clubs and restaurants with great atmospheres either day or night;
  • • Avenida 24 de Julho (Santos): This is a legendery scene in Santos as far as Lisbon's nighlife is concerned. Here you'll find the most famous club in the area. The quarter of Santos is also famous for its bars.
  • • Cais do Sodré & Pink Street: The Rua Nova do Carvaho street, painted pink, is the new trendy area em Lisboa's nightlife. This street is filled with various and different bars, nightclubs and venues for snaking.
  • • Alfama: If you fancy a quiet night out, you should select the Alfama quarter and go listen to Fado, Lisbon's typical song.
  • • Lx Factory (Alcântara, under the brigde): This historical industrial complex houses is now a creative mini-city. From architecture to music, it's now the home of design companies, galleries and artists studios. There are small trendy restaurants, hipster shops, visual and performing arts, music and fashion.
  • • Rocha Conde d'Óbidos: Between Docas and Santos, right on the water's edge, you will find these amazing clubs, some of the best places in Lisboa.
  • • Madragoa (home): If you are tired of walking around the city, just relax in your apartment's sofá and drink a glass of wine. Decide what is best for you, yet bear in mind that Lisboa doesn't stop and waits you!

Typical cuisine

  • • Caldo verde: Portuguese kale soup with potatoes and olive oil
  • • Sopa da pedra: Soup with onion, beans, potatoes and pork meat
  • • Canja: Chicken soup with rice or pasta
  • • Jaquinzinhos: Fried mackerel with tomato rice
  • • Arroz de marisco: Rice with varied seafood
  • • Sardinhas assadas: Glrilled sardines with potatoes, peppers and salad (eat them fresh, between May and August)
  • • Bacalhau com todos: Boiled cod with potatos, cabbage, chick peas and carrots
  • • Cozido à portuguesa: Pork, varied types of sausages, beef and chicken meats cooked with vegetables and rice
  • • Carne de porco à alentejana: Cubes of pork with clams and fries potatoes
  • • Feijoada à transmontana: Beans with varied pork meats and cooked rice
  • • Prego: Beef sandwich
  • • Bifana: Pork sandwich

Tourism Offices - Need help?

  • • Praça do Comércio
  • • Rua Augusta
  • • Restauradores
  • • Santa Apolónia
  • • Belém
  • • Rua Jardim do Regedor, 50
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